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Oldest Book

Julii Firmici Astronomicorum Libri Octo Integri 1499


Oldest Manuscript

Kubjikamatam (7th Century text on Tantra)







16th Century

1.Delle Navigationi Et Viaggi Venice, 1556


2.Aristotelis, 1585

17th Century

1.Purchas : his pilgrimage : or relations of the world and the religions observed in allages and placed discovered from the creation unto this present …./Samuel Purchas(London,1614)


2. Grammatica Lingurum Orientalium/DIEU, 1683

3. Journal Du Voyage De Siam, 1687

4. Turait-I-Musa-An-Nabi, 1622 A.D.

(One of the Earliest Translation of old Testament in Arabic, 1622)

18th Century

1. Kripar Sastrer Arthabheda (Bengali in Roman Character, Lisbon,1743)


2. N. Halhed’s Grammar of the Bengal Language, (Hooghly, 1778),

3. Memoir of a Map of Hindoostan; or the Mogul’s Empire/Jmes Rennell. London : 1783

4. Moallakat : a seven Arabian poems which were suspended on the temple at Mecca/William Jones, London : J. Nichols, 1783

5. Bhagavat Geeta/Tr. By C. Wilkins, London, 1785

6. Histoire De L’astronomie, Tome 1, 1785

7. Asiatic Researches : or, Transactions of the Society, Instituted in Bengal, For Instituted in Bengal, For Inquiring into the History and Antiquities…V.1, 1788

19th Century

1. Grammar of the Sanskrita Language/Charles Wilkins, London : 1808


2. Drawings of Antique Sculptures/Col.Colin Mackenzie : 1815


3. Grammar of the Punjabee Language/W. carey, Serampore : 1815


4. Journal of the Asiatic Society of Bengal, V.I, 1832

20th Century

1.Prevention of Malaria/Major Ronald Ross [Calcutta Medical Journal, V.3, 1908-09, pp.362-367]


2.Chandi/Shyamacharan Kavi Ratna







1.Philosophical Transactions of Royal Society of London 1665

2.Acta Physico Medica, 1727

3.Asiatick Researches, 1788