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Forthcoming Academic Events

  • 26.04.2019

    Performing of a play on ‘Uncertainty of Principles’ theatre group ‘Kalyani Mukhosh’.

  • 22.04.2019 - 26.04.2019

    A Five days Workshop on History of Science with reference to Birth and development of Modern Science in India(from 1800-1947)

    Proposer: Prof. Rajkumar Roychoudhury, Physical Science Secretary, The Asiatic Society.

  • 09.04.2019

    A Book Release Programme on ‘Understanding Autism through the Lens of Parents and Professionals at the Rajendra Lala Bhavan, Salt Lake, Kolkata

  • 05.04.2019 - 06.04.2019

    A two-days National seminar on ‘Demographics of North-East Region of India’ in collaboration with The Asiatic Society and Assam University, Silchar.

Sir William Jones